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Valentines Day

Students will be allowed to pass out Valentine Cards if they give one to every student in the class.  We have 28 students.  Passing out cards is optional.  If students would like to include something with the card, they may, but items the students can use or play with are preferred over candy.

Chaperones Needed

We need more chaperones for our field trip to Centerville on February 24.  Please email me if you can join us.  We will be leaving Maloney at 8:30 am and will return by 11:10.


The students have been designing a set for a puppet show to create areas of light and darkness using various materials.  Mrs. Batalao shared the students testing their designs here.  You can only view them if you are signed into your child's FUSD account.  We explored light and darkness in class.  First, all the students who wore gray shirts lined up in order of lightest shirt to darkest shirt.  Then students made a gray scale to practice shading with different levels of darkness using pencil and paper.  Last, we made three dimensional shapes with a focus on shading.  Some of the drawings are in Mrs. Batalao's slideshow too.  Many students were so excited about their art exploration of light and darkness that they brought them to science class to show her.  

Zun Zun Water Assembly 

Here is Gureet's journal entry about the assembly on water conservation. 


Water Songs on Spotify

Water Songs on iTunes


Fun with Career Readiness Week

Ms. Tsang visited our class and got everyone thinking about different careers during Career Readiness Week.  We also had a lot of fun dressing up. 

School or College Attire


Future Careers




Dress to Impress




East Bay SPCA (Society of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) Assembly

At our SPCA assembly, we met an animal trainer named Kelly and a companion dog named Lola.  We learned about different jobs at the East Bay.  Kelly taught students how to pet a new dog after asking for permission from the owner.  Some students got to practice!

Gagana Dog Gursirat

KordeDog Conrad Dog

100th Day of School

We had fun celebrating our 100th day of school thinking about the number 100, doing 100 math problems, flipping a penny 100 times and seeing how many times we would get head or tails, making a necklace with 100 beads, and making our 100th day hat. 

blue gray

green yellow

100 red

Star Students for January 

Gagana Gureet

Karthik Olivia

Field Trip to the Centerville International Faire

On February 24, the first graders will be walking to Centerville Jr. High school for their International Faire.  This free event includes exhibits from dozens of the world’s cultures. Exhibits will feature pictures, maps, flags,
artifacts, live demonstrations, sample foods and so much more. Each exhibit is staffed by Centerville students who will be glad to answer any questions you or your students may have about that particular culture. Visitors will receive world maps and passports upon entry. Passports can be stamped at each exhibit. If you do not want your child to sample the food, please email me at  

Bulldog Gazette

Check out our school newsletter for Maloney updates. 

Dates to Remember

  • February 20- No school in observance of President's Day
  • February 24- Centerville Jr. High International Faire Field Trip- I will be contacting chaperones closer to the field trip

Curriculum for the Month

Social Studies- How Are We Good Helpers in School?

Science- Finishing up chapter 3: How do we make bright, medium bright, and dark areas in a scene? 

January 30-February 3

On January 30, we will do various math, writing, and art activities that have to do with 100 in celebration of our 100th day of school!

Language Arts: Benchmark Unit 4 Week 3

  • Phonics Skill: three letter blends
  • Sight Words: because, from, their, when
  • Vocabulary Words: perched, rafters, stealthy, wriggled, crafty, dizzy, squawk, supper, kickball, prettiest
  • Language: commas in dates and series, adjectives
  • Writing: narrative


  • Unit 5 Lesson 9- Add and Subtract Tens
  • Unit 5 Lesson 10- Add and Subtract Multiples of Ten

February 6-10

Language Arts: Benchmark Unit 5 Week 1

  • Phonics Skill: long a (a_e)
  • Sight Words: many, why, right, start
  • Vocabulary Words: testing, contraption, beeped, patients, carrier, tiptoed, leaped, jumped, lift, hold, deliver, move, computer, wheels, recharged
  • Language: Different kinds of sentences
  • Writing: opinion

Math: Review unit 5 concepts

  • Unit 5 test on Thursday

February 13-17

Language Arts: Benchmark Unit 5 Week 2

  • Phonics Skill: long o (o_e)
  • Sight Words: find, how, over, under
  • Vocabulary Words: cartoonist, computer, tools, cartoon, mechanics, pilots, flight, communicate, images, repair, technology, handprint, substitute, firefighter, careers
  • Language: prepositions
  • Writing: opinion

Math: Unit 6 on comparisons and data

  • Unit 6 lesson 1: explore representing data
  • Unit 6 lesson 2: organize categorical data

On Valentines Day, we will do a rotation where students will go to the other first grade classrooms to do different projects. 

February 20-24

Language Arts: Benchmark Unit 5 Week 3

  • Phonics Skill: soft c and g
  • Sight Words: give, too, far, try
  • Vocabulary Words: delete, unplug, invented, clatter, cries, says, blurry, break
  • Language: different kinds of sentences, prepositions
  • Writing: informational writing about a president


  • Unit 6 lesson 3: comparing data
  • Unit 6 lesson 4: data sets with 3 categories
  • Unit 6 lesson 5: data collecting

Contacting Mrs. Kennedy

If you ever have any questions, please ask me. The best way to reach me is by e-mail: