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Writing a Bibliography

List your sources- A bibliography is a page at the end of your report, article, or newspaper that lists the sources you used to write a paper.  List your sources alphabetically by the author’s last name, or by the title if there is no author given.  See the examples below for which part should be separated by periods, colons, and commas and which parts need to be underlined or in quotation marks. 


Books- Author (last name first). Title. City where the book is published: Publisher, copyright date.


         Athenton, Pike. Fish with Wings. Miami: Marine Press, 1990.


Magazines- Author (last name first). “Title of article.” Title of the magazine date (day month year): page number of the article.

          Bay, Marinne. “Something Fishy Going Up.” At Sea

         7 June 1992: 34-35.


Note: Indent the second and third lines 5 spaces.


Encyclopedias- “Article title.” Title of the reference book. Edition (if stated). Year published.

          “Flying Fish.” The World Book Encyclopedia. 1993 ed.


Films, Slides, Videotapes- Title. Medium (film, videocassette, etc.). Production company, date. Time length.

Flying Fish and Flightless Birds-Nature’s Mistakes? Videocassette.        

     Classroom Science Productions, 1993. 30 min.


Interviews- Person you interviewed (last name first). Type of interview. Date.

          Short, Abe. Personal interview. 15 Aug. 1993.


On-line Sources (Simplified Entry) Author if given (last name first). “Title of article.” Title of file year or date of publication. On-line. Name of computer network. Available: electronic address

          Abrams, Marietta S. “Fascinating Fish.” Aquatic World Quarterly

     Apr.-June 1995. On-line. Internet. Available


Grimes, Barbara F. "South Africa." Ethnologue. 4 Feb 1999. On-line.

     Internet. Available: